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Quality Development (Whole Setting)

  • Better Start Early Years Specialists provide professional development to the full team and management in your setting for up to 6 months with regular mentoring and coaching appointments to develop a quality development plan, goals and actions.
  • Better Start Early Years Specialists will work collaboratively with your management team and with individual practitioners and groups of practitioners (e.g. with a room / team)
  • There will be a combination of regular on-site visits, online learning and video-conferencing appointments to identify and implement quality development goals and action plans.

How to request Quality Development (Whole Setting):

  • EmailĀ to request information onĀ  Quality Development (whole setting)
  • Include your DCEDIY service reference number and setting name in the subject line
  • One of our team will then get in touch with you by phone or email to answer your query and discuss your settings needs in detail.

A request to work with Better Start can also be made through your local City or County Childcare Committee or your AIM Early Years Specialist.

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